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18 #GoodGreenHabits – #11 -13…..The BIG THREE

Recently we’ve been having a regular conversation here in the Recycle for Your Community office, about what habits really make the biggest difference to the environment, over everything else. Because, let’s face it, the list of things you could do is inexhaustible, which we know is a bit daunting.

So, if you were to ask us “what three things could I do, which would make the biggest difference?”, our answers would be quite simple.

#11 – curb the carnivore within (and embrace your inner vegan)


This habit probably won’t be a surprise to many readers but it’s worth reminding you ALL that one of the greenest habits you can adopt is to eat less/no meat and aim for a vegan diet where possible. The stats speak for themselves, and there are plenty out there to read! Here’s a few for starters:

#12 – forego the flying


With the advent of cheap flights, more people than ever are taking to the skies for both business and pleasure. But flying less is one of the top three green habits to adopt (next to not owning a car, and having one less child). So when you’re thinking about your big holiday this year, go for the no-fly option. Here’s some ideas for starters.

#13 – waste less, freeze more


We’re all prone to forgetting to use up all our fresh food sometimes. But throwing food away is a waste of money, and a waste of all the energy and resources (water, transport, packaging, storage, refrigeration – the list goes on) that went into getting it to your home. So a good idea is to plan your meals, and think about freezing what you aren’t going to get round to using. This could be freezing ingredients in their raw state, or making extra portions when you cook a meal, and freezing those for a quick and easy meal at a later date.

Here are some tips to get you started!

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