East London Waste Authority
East London Waste Authority

18 #GoodGreenHabits to Get Into in 2018 – #2-4


We’re back with just in time for the weekend with three more #GoodGreenHabits you can all aim to get into in 2018!

#2 Switch it Off

It’s the little things that add up which count, more than you might think. Like switching off the lights when you’re leaving the room*. And switching off your computer screens or monitors when you leave your desk for a break.

Here’s a great little blog about the benefits of switching off lights – it also dispels a few myths!

*there are some lights like Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFLs) that you might need to treat a little differently – read the blog to learn about the 15 minute rule of thumb

#3 Put it on

Your jumpers. And your thick socks. When it gets a bit chilly, rather than turning up your heating and burning fossil fuels to warm you up, try this greener approach to warming up!

The environment (and your pocket) will benefit from your layering!

#4 Get your recycling right

It seems that even the most conscientious recyclers in the land sometimes get it wrong (even those of us working in the industry have to check sometimes….ok…quite a lot). It’s really important to check that you’re including the right items in your recycling bin. Accidental contamination in your recycling bins costs councils a lot of time and money, and often it’s someone’s actual job to reach in and pull out the contaminating items. YUCK! So go to your local council’s recycling pages (handy link here: eastlondonwaste.gov.uk) and make sure you’re doing it right.

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