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18 #GoodGreenHabits to Get Into in 2018 – #1

Habit #1 - refuse single use plastic

The New Year’s resolutions may have dried up by now, but it’s not too late to start some good habits that will benefit you, your pocket and the environment at the same time.

Over the next few weeks we will be posting our top 18 #GoodGreenHabits in regular instalments

#1 Ditch the disposables and single-use plastics

We’re starting with a no-brainer that has been in the news a lot recently (thanks to David Attenborough and Blue Plant II), with both the BBC and the Queen joining the movement to ban disposables and single-use plastics in the past month alone.

This tip is really simple. When you are confronted with takeaway plastic cutlery at the food counter, straws at the bar or plastic cups by the water cooler, just say no!

And if eating/drinking on the go is something you have to do often, why not carry a handy reusable cutlery set, coffee cup and water bottle with you? You’ve hopefully already switched to reusable carrier bags, so just add these to your waste-free collection and feel happy that you can refuse the throwaway versions forever more.

In most of the high street coffee shops you’re also going to save money with your reusable cup – with discounts of up to 50p off the price of your coffee.

Lastly, nobody needs  straws, we have lips! (If you really DO need a straw, there are reusable versions of these too)


Stay tuned for more #GoodGreenHabits coming soon!

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