East London Waste Authority
East London Waste Authority

Black Friday clearance!



Organise your own clearance this Black Friday weekend! Instead of going shopping, participate by not participating. Au contraire, have a look around your house, open those cupboards, attics, pantries, sheds and hidden storage spaces and rediscover what stuff you already have!


Step 1. Organise a stuff line-up

Get your household together, pick up an item, have a good look at it and ask the questions: “Have we used this over the past year? If not, why are we keeping this? Do we really need this?”. You’ll be surprised at the amount of stuff that you haven’t used over the past year, taking up all your valuable storage space.


Step 2. But what if…

By now you should have two piles; stuff you need vs. stuff you don’t need.

So please make a decision on that “but-what-if-stuff” third pile you have most probably built. How far will you go making excuses to keep this stuff? Make a decision already!


Step 3. Stuff-you-need pile

Let’s celebrate this stuff! Congratulate yourself on your excellent shopping skills getting this stuff. Pretty sure there is some things in there you completely forgot about! Give them back the place they deserve in your household.


Step 4. Reuse and recycle your stuff-you-don’t-need pile

Try to remember how and why you ended up with this stuff? Advertisement? Sale? Black Friday last year?

Don’t just chuck all this stuff in your bin. Divvy it up into different piles according to each item’s state and use.

Good working condition?

Make sure it is clean and take it to a charity shop! Or maybe a school or other community group in your area that has a use for it? Perhaps you can even make a quid of it selling it online?

Broken but repairable?

Repair it yourself (YouTube is your best friend!) or find someone who can repair for you! Check out our post on East London’s e-repair businesses.

Broken beyond repair?

Make different piles again: recycle at home vs. recycle at the recycling centre vs. general rubbish. For information on what to recycle where, visit recyclenow.com.

Step 5. Reduce

What have you learnt from this exercise? Don’t get tempted buying stuff you don’t need this Black Friday. Avoid ending up with a stuff-you-don’t-need pile ever again! Ditch Black Friday and join the growing movement of Buy Nothing Day!

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