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East London Waste Authority

Tis the time not to miss your bin collection


Everyone deserves their Christmas break, especially your hard-working, rubbish-lifting, weather-enduring bin men. This of course means changes to the usual bin collection dates where you live! Find out the changes to collection days for all four boroughs and know what to do with your real Christmas tree. Don’t get stuck with an overflowing rubbish bin this jolly season and make sure to reduce and reuse where possible and use your recycling bin to it’s full extent!

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Councillor Lynda Rice, Cabinet Member for Environment and Street Scene, London Borough of Barking and Dagenham:

‘I can’t predict if we will have a white Christmas – but we can certainly have a green one!’ 

The table below gives a quick overview of how the Christmas and New Year break will affect your usual collection day. Further down you will find a more information for each borough.



Barking and Dagenham

More details on the changes as shown in the table above can be found on this leaflet or on the council’s website.

Real Christmas trees can be taken to the Wood Lane entrance of Central Park, Dagenham, on Saturday, 6 January 2018 or the South Park Drive entrance of Barking Park car park on Saturday, 13 January 2018, where they will be turned into wood chippings and used in parks.

Alternatively you can bring your tree to the Refuse and Recycling Centre on Frizlands Lane – please be mindful of changed opening hours over the holidays.



More details on the changes as shown in the table above can be found on this leaflet or on the council’s website.

Please note that there will be no garden waste or bulky collections from 25 December until 8 January.

Real Christmas trees can be recycled at Gerpins Lane Refuse and Recycling Centre in Upminster – please be mindful of changed opening hours over the holidays.




Use the My Neighbourhood platform to find out more about changes to your collection days where you live.

Real Christmas trees can be recycled as part of a requested garden waste collection or alternatively can be recycled at Jenkins Lane Refuse and Recycling Centre – please be mindful of changed opening hours over the holidays.



More details on the changes as shown in the table above can be found on the council’s website.

Real Christmas trees can be recycled at Chigwell Road Refuse and Recycling Centre – please be mindful of changed opening hours over the holidays.

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Barking & Dagenham