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Do it in the bathroom

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Most of us know to recycle our milk bottles, tin cans andĀ cereal packets. If it’s in the kitchen and it’s recyclable, we tend to recycle around 90% of it. Which is great! A separate, special recycling bin is right there, making the whole thing so easy that you don’t even think about it.

The rest of the house is a different story though.

When it comes to recycling in the bedroom or the bathroom, we’re a lot less well behaved. Instead of our brilliant 90%, we only recycle around 52% of our bathroom products. Toothpaste boxes, shampoo bottles and toilet rolls just get chucked in the normal bin, never to be seen (or recycled) again.

Similarly in the bedroom, magazines, tissue boxes and perfume bottles end up in the regular bin.

All of this missed recycling adds up to a whole lot of resources that are being chucked away daily and not being turned into new magazines, toothpaste tubes or glass bottles. PaperĀ in particular is so easy to recycle and doing so prevents more trees being cut down instead of using the materials that we already have.

The solution is simple.

Really simple.

Make recycling outside of the kitchen super easy by adding a recycling bin or bag in your bathroom and bedroom.

That’s it.

Told you it was easy.

As soon as recycling becomes the easiest option, we all do it a whole lot more. So make your life easier, make the world a little greener and do it in the bathroom.


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