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East London Waste Authority

Don’t waste your Halloween!


It’s easy to get sucked into the Halloween craze: costumes and creepy house decorations, pumpkins and flickering flames… who doesn’t like a good scare!?

Come 1st November though, many of us find themselves wasting a lot of what was fun and scary only the day before.

Let’s not!

Eat your carved pumpkins. Scrape out as many of the flesh as possible when carving. The less flesh left inside the pumpkin, the brighter the orange glow from the pumpkin when you put a candle in there! And you end up with more pumpkin goodness to turn into an amazing pumpkin soup or if you are up for something extra, pumpkin fritters! Yummy and nutritious!!

Don’t forge to take your pumpkin back in before they go moldy. Cut up in bite-size pieces and continue the candle’s work by roasting in the oven until tender for some healthy, delicious finger food!! Scraps and leftovers? Please compost or dispose of responsibly!

Save your decorations! Don’t just bin all the effort you have put in ‘outscaring’ your neigbours, what a waste!! Especially when you have crafted your decorations from recycled and reused materials. Show your planet love by saving your decorations and stay original at the same time by giving a twist to your  decorations next year.

Swap and swish your Halloween costumes with family, friends, neighbours, that scary kid you met in the street yesterday (or wasn’t that a costume he was wearing??) Look out for a swapping or swishing event near you or why not organise one yourself in your community,  kid’s school, sports club,  parks group … Swap this year’s skeleton for next year’s zombie! Or you can always donate your costume to a local charity shop and pick a new-to-you one up the year after.



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