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East London Waste Authority

Food, Glorious Food!

food awareness week

Or is it?

Not if 123,000 tonnes a year of the UK Schools food goes to waste, that doesn’t sound so glorious!

The Recycle for Your Community team teamed up with Havering Schools to help deliver Sainsbury’s Fab Food Programme;

anWaste Audit step 1 initiative to help schools identify and reduce their food waste.

After working with teachers and students we found a staggering amount of food was being wasted – even the dessert!  Each school took a different approach to tackle the food waste problem their school faced by either; composting fruit and vegetable waste or having discussions with the kitchen staff about portion sizes and self serve areas.  All schools held a Food Waste Awareness Week, during this week the Recycle for Your Community team delivered sessions to all the year groups on food waste topics such as, where our food comes from and how far it travels to get to our plate and smoothie tasting activities using a smoothie bike.




The initiatives the schools put in place paid off as was evident in the results.  Below is an example of one Havering school the Recycle for Your Community team worked with during 2017/18.



A second school’s results showed a massive 24% of their waste being composted, with all year groups involved in maintaining the compost bins.

The project had great successes in reducing food waste and making staff and students aware of the importance of not wasting food.  If you are a school in Havering and are interested in the project feel free to contact us via michaela.edgar@keepbritaintidy.org

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