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18 #GoodGreenHabits – #10 Get composting

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It’s International Compost Awareness Week, with this year’s theme being “Compost! Building a Better Future.”, focusing on how compost is good for plants, people and our planet and therefore good for our future. It then won’t come as a surprise that the buzzing to you that the Recycle For Your Community’s Team’s next #GoodGreenHabit for 2018 is all about getting into home composting.

#10 Get composting

We have written about home composting before, we even have a dedicated page about it on this website! It will tell you how surprisingly easy it is to get into. And you will be happy to find out that all ELWA boroughs subsidise the purchase of compost converters on getcomposting.com? Just pop in your postcode to find out what deal you get where you live.

Want to get to grips with composting? Find

Here’s a nice little anecdote for you: one of our team’s compost bin is still sitting in the garden of the flat he moved out of one year ago, filled with lush, ripe compost and waiting to be discovered by the new tenants to grow the next generation of plants! Have you ever tried moving a full compost bin?!

Compost bin

Don’t have a garden?

Don’t let this keep you from composting your food waste or window farm waste. There are other solutions out there to help you, for example, wormeries. Look at them as your very own indoor food waste recycling plant, powered by a bunch of worms!


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