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East London Waste Authority

HooRRRay for Bank holiday weekend


We can’t say this enough, so we will do it again for the lovely Spring bank holiday weekend that’s knocking on your door and you’re planning on doing some household chores:

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle! … aka the 3 R’s.

(Yes, it’s totally fine to roll that R like a pirate!)


Know what you can recycle (go here to find out) and when your recycling collection day is. You don’t want to miss the opportunity to say goodbye to all your sweet recycling.

Be aware that this Bank holiday Monday your collection day might change, depending on where you live in East London, check out the links below:

Barking and Dagenham’mers




Find out more about Recycling on our dedicated page.



Getting rid of bulky items like old furniture? You can sell these online, donate them to charity shops or offer them up on freecycle. If it’s broken, use local volunteering sites like helpfulpeeps.com to see if someone can help you fix it. If it’s truly beyond repair, take it along to your local recycling center or check out your council’s website to see if they offer a collection service.

Find out more about Reusing on our dedicated page.



Clearing out the house will give you massive insights into stuff and more precisely the stuff you can do without. Take note of all the items you have and never used, all the money spent on useless stuff – what a waste! Get smarter and avoid buying stuff you don’t need, get smarter and follow our #GoodGreenHabits on Twitter and Facebook!

Find out more about Reducing on our dedicated page.


Remember, when you throw something away, it doesn’t just disappear. Everything has to go somewhere. So make sure your spring clean ends with recycling and reusing – for a clutter free home and all of the good feels.


Are you a teacher or part of a community group in one of the four ELWA boroughs and feel like your peers could use a little sprucing up of their 3 R’s?

Book a FREE workshop with our Education and engagement officer: RecycleFYC@keepbritaintidy.org

Click on your Borough to discover your nearest Recycling Centre

Barking & Dagenham