East London Waste Authority
East London Waste Authority

It’s time for Earth Hour

This Saturday 25th March at 8.30pm is Earth Hour. One hour with no lights. 60 minutes to make noise about climate change action and be part of the global community of people that care about our beautiful planet.

This year is the 10th anniversary of Earth Hour and it’s still just as important now as it was in 2007.

For one hour on Saturday night, thousands of people will turn off their lights at home and at work to show the world that they care about climate change and they want positive action taken to combat it. And the message is pretty strong. In previous years, 10,400 iconic landmarks across the globe have switched off their lights alongside us.

The London Eye goes dark, the Eiffel Tower turns off and Times Square switches off. So you’ll be in good (and dark) company.

And it’s made a real difference.

Earth Hour has kickstarted some incredible changes. From pushing for climate friendly laws and planting forests in Uganda to banning plastic in the¬†Galapagos Islands. Real change has happened thanks to you flicking a switch for one hour. That’s a pretty good trade off, right?

Candlelit parties are being held up and down the country. You can find your nearest celebration here.

For more information, check out EarthHour.com. Sign up, get involved and make a difference.

(And watch your step in the dark)

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