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East London Waste Authority

Litter, Litter on the floor…


We don’t want you any more!

As the sun continues to shine it means more of us are enjoying the great outdoors, but has it made you noticed how much litter is left lying around?

We sure have.

This may have left you thinking you want to do something about it.  Well, here’s our guide for how you can find out what happening in your area to tackle that litter!

Not only does all this litter make our communities look dirty and uninviting it’s also affecting our wildlife as mentioned in Keep Britain Tidy’s Journal of Litter and Environmental Quality.

So whilst we all do our bit to tackle the root of the littering problem why not get out there and pick up what’s already there.


How can you help?

Become a Litter Hero.  Visit KeepBritaintidy.org and find out more about how you can join an army of volunteers really making a difference.

litter pick areas


Find out what’s happening in your local area by visiting LitterAction.org

Here you can join local groups picking litter or register your own litter picking group.



Get the kids involved.  Supporting young people in becoming more aware of the challenges we face with litter on our streets is a great way of tackling the problem too.  You’ll probably find they’re keen to join in so why not take them along to a clean up with you.  You can also download our Litter Tally so they can record what they find along the way.  Litter tally

School involvement

As part of the Recycle for Your Community project we have all the kit for the perfect litter pick.  Our team would be happy to support your school in organising and running a litter pick.  Simply contact recyclefyc@keepbritaintidy.org for more information.


We’d love to hear how you get on with your litter picks so why not let us no via our social media sites.

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