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More #GoodGreenHabits (Easter Special)


With Easter on the horizon, here are some more eggcellent tips for making this a greener one!

#6 Which Egg?

Aside from overdosing on chocolate before lunch (or even breakfast?), Easter brings other challenges too. Like the packaging from the 80+ Million chocolate eggs bought every year, for example. With packaging making up 25% of the weight of the bestselling eggs, you can choose your chocolate more wisely by having a look at this guide from Which? showing which eggs give the most bang for your buck, and do the least damage for the environment (try opting for those with the most cardboard).

#7 Bin it better

After you’ve selected the perfect egg for you or your loved ones, (and it’s been gobbled up) don’t forget to recycle the cardboard packaging!

#8 Don’t waste the water!

If you’re doing Easter in a more old school way, involving actual eggs and decorating them, here’s a great green tip. Don’t tip the water you boiled the eggs in away. Instead, let it cool, then use it to water your houseplants. It’s full of calcium, which has been leeched from the shells, which your plants will love!

house plant 2

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