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Tis the time not to miss your bin collection

Everyone deserves their Christmas break, especially your hard-working, rubbish-lifting, weather-enduring bin men. This of course means changes to the usual bin collection dates where you live! Find out the changes to collection days for all four boroughs and know what to do with your real Christmas tree. Don’t get stuck with an overflowing rubbish bin this […]

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Black Friday clearance!

  Organise your own clearance this Black Friday weekend! Instead of going shopping, participate by not participating. Au contraire, have a look around your house, open those cupboards, attics, pantries, sheds and hidden storage spaces and rediscover what stuff you already have!   Step 1. Organise a stuff line-up Get your household together, pick up […]

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Don’t waste your Halloween!

It’s easy to get sucked into the Halloween craze: costumes and creepy house decorations, pumpkins and flickering flames… who doesn’t like a good scare!? Come 1st November though, many of us find themselves wasting a lot of what was fun and scary only the day before. Let’s not! Eat your carved pumpkins. Scrape out as many of the flesh […]

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