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Don’t waste your Halloween!

It’s easy to get sucked into the Halloween craze: costumes and creepy house decorations, pumpkins and flickering flames… who doesn’t like a good scare!? Come 1st November though, many of us find themselves wasting a lot of what was fun and scary only the day before. Let’s not! Eat your carved pumpkins. Scrape out as many of the flesh […]

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Rubber duck

Do it in the bathroom

Most of us know to recycle our milk bottles, tin cans and cereal packets. If it’s in the kitchen and it’s recyclable, we tend to recycle around 90% of it. Which is great! A separate, special recycling bin is right there, making the whole thing so easy that you don’t even think about it. The rest […]

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plastic recycling

What happens next?

You’ve washed out your jars and flattened your cardboard. It’s in the recycling bin and the bin crew are coming to pick it up. So what happens next? We don’t often think about where our recycling goes or what becomes of it and you might be surprised what some of it gets turned into. This […]

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