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Say It With a Story

Recycle Your Community with Keep Britain Tidy 16th February 2018 © Brendan Foster Photography-78-41

To continue to share our message to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle more, our Education officer has recently been creating some new workshops using environmentally themed stories.

Here’s what Michaela had to say about the workshops so far…

‘Over the past few months I’ve been putting together workshops that are based around a story.  I’ve currently been spending some time at local libraries across the boroughs sharing the story Finn the Fortunate Tiger Shark and his Fantastic Friends.  The story is set in the deep blue sea and explores the very current issue of marine litter in a child friendly way. As Finn travels through the ocean he begins to feel quite ill.  During the workshops the children are able to find out what’s making Finn feel so unwell with our interactive display.  So far our workshops have been a huge success; with both children and parents learning more about the importance of recycling, in a fun way.  I think it’s so important to educate the future generation about what’s happening in our environment and to be able to share that with children as young as 4 years old is fantastic.  What’s more, we are able to spend some time discussing what actions we can all take to create change! The children are always full of amazing,  inspiring ideas.’

We’ll be continuing to develop our range of story workshops in future so keep your eyes peeled, we may be visiting a library near you soon!

We’d love to hear from you about any stories you have read with an environmental message or perhaps you want to know more about the workshops we offer, if so then simply get in touch via

RecycleFYC@keepbritaintidy.org               facebook                      twitter

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