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Spring into a clutter-free home


Spring is just around the corner and the blue skies and daffodils always seem to put us in a sorting out mood. Longer days and more sunlight just seem to show up those piles of unworn clothes and shelves of knick-knacks that we don’t really need.

So get into the spring mindset and have a de-clutter.


Be brutal with your wardrobe. Anything you haven’t worn in a year, you don’t need. Anything that needs fixing, take to a local seamstress to fix or learn how to do it yourself. There are always local courses in sewing. And Google can be pretty helpful too.

Donate all your unwanted but wearable clothes to a charity shop or organise a swish. Just make sure they are clean before you drop them off. Any clothes that are too old, too tatty or too stained, put into a textile recycling bin. These get chopped up and turned into all sorts of things like car seat stuffing and industrial cloths. You can find your nearest textile recycling bin on our homepage.

Woolly jumpers


We’ve all got cupboards and shelves full of things that we don’t really need. Sort through what you really need and what you can do without. You can donate these to a charity shop or take them along to a Give and Take Day.

Kitchen cupboards full of tins and cans? If you’re not going to eat them, consider donating them to a local homeless shelter or refugee charity. They are always in need of food so your donation will be very welcome.


When you’re sorting through all your stuff, don’t forget to sort anything you don’t want into recyclables and waste. Old letters, envelopes and magazines can be recycled. Rinse out old shampoo bottles and pop them in too. And cardboard boxes can be flattened and added.


Getting rid of bulky items like old furniture? You can sell these online, donate them to charity shops or offer them up on freecycle. If it’s broken, use local volunteering sites like helpfulpeeps.com to see if someone can help you fix it. If it’s truly beyond repair, take it along to your local recycling center or check out your council’s website to see if they offer a collection service.

Remember, when you throw something away, it doesn’t just disappear. Everything has to go somewhere. So make sure your spring clean ends with recycling and reusing – for a clutter free home and all of the good feels.


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