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Love holidays, hate food waste


Ah, summer holidays. We’ve been looking forward to you since the moment we got back to work from last year’s summer holiday. Lazy days, glorious sunshine and no emails from your boss. There is almost nothing bad about going on holidays.

But before you pack your passport and double lock the front door, have a peak in your fridge. New research from Sainsbury’s has revealed that we throw away £9.82 worth of edible food before we head off on holidays. And a third of us bin over £20 worth of produce like milk, bread and fresh fruit.

To avoid this unnecessary waste, all you need to do is head to your freezer. Milk and bread can easily be frozen and used when you come home. Fresh milk can be frozen for up to six weeks and opened milk can safely stay in the freezer for four. Now you have milk for that all-important first cup of tea when you get home. Double win.

Wrap you bread carefully to avoid freezer burn and give sliced loaves a little side-to-side shake before they go in. It will help stop the slices from becoming too stuck together. You can then pop them straight into the toaster from the freezer. Simple.

Fresh fruit can be frozen too. Once you’re back, it can be whizzed up into smoothies, put in deserts or mixed into yoghurt. Bananas can be frozen with their skins on, so even if you’re rushing out the door to catch a flight, you can fling a bunch into the freezer before you go.

No freezer? Check with friends and neighbours to see if they want your perishables while you are away. Or donate them to community fridges or food banks.

So whilst you soak up the sun, your food will be chilling out at home waiting for you (or feeding a friend). Happy holidays!

For more information about reducing your food waste, check out Love Food Hate Waste for tips and recipes.

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