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Summer Holiday Reuse Crafts

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You’ve made it past the half way point of the summer holidays.  Give yourself a pat on the back, congratulations!

With just over 2 weeks of summer left for many of our East London Schools we’re tooling you up to keep those little ones busy.

Here’s some super fun re-use crafts to try.

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Cereal Box Bookmarks

Resources; string, cereal box, colouring pencils, scissors20180809_115341

Simple cut strips from an old cereal box.

Punch a hole in one end and attach some string.

Create your own design.

Check our Gnasher bookmark celebrating the Mischief Maker’s Summer Reading Challenge.


Newspaper/ Magazine frames

Resources; Newspaper/magazine, cardboard, glue, scissors20180809_121506

Roll strips of newspaper/ Magazine and glue at the end to close.  (an easy way of rolling is to roll the paper around a pencil).

Cut a rectangle from some old cardboard box (e.g. packaging box or cereal box).

Draw a smaller rectangle in the centre of the cardboard (this is to leave you space for you picture).

Glue the rolls of paper onto the frame.

Attached some string at the back (this is so you can hang your frame).

Stick in your picture and Viola your frame is complete.



Paper roses

Resources; newspaper/magazine, twig, scissors, glue20180809_132441

Draw a circle on your paper. (An old CD gives you the perfect circle and size).

Draw large petals around the circle.

Cut the design out.

Cut into your circle in a spiral direction.

Starting from the middle stick and twist the paper onto a stick.


Repeat this a dozen times and you have yourself a dozen beautiful roses.




MuRFy Mascot

MuRFy logo 2

If you’ve ever seen our mascot, MuRFy you may have noticed he is 20180227_123558made from a lot of … RUBBISH.  That’s right, tin cans, milk bottles, even socks!

So why not get some rubbish together and get creating.

We’d love to see what creatures you can create!



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