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How to use less paper


Recycling is great but it’s the third best thing when it comes to resources. There’s a reason why Reduce, Reuse, Recycle is ordered like that. So here’s a few tips to cut down on the amount of paper you get through, before you head to the recycling bin.

Go paperless on bills and bank statements. You can pay and check your balance online. Save your online receipts and ta da, not a single sheet needed.

Reduce your junk mail. Here’s how.

Only use what you need. Making a small shopping list? Just tear off what you need from a bit of paper and use the rest another time.

Paper is double sided. You can write, print, draw and scribble on both sides. You can even set your printer up to default to double sided so you can never forget to do it. That’s your paper usage halved in one tiny click.

Reuse it. Envelopes can be resent with a new address on or used as scrap paper if they are torn open a bit too excitedly.

At home and in the office, use a whiteboard or a blackboard for notes and messages so you can use it again and again.

In your kitchen, switch out paper towels for cloths, napkins for fabric ones and paper plates for real plates. Anything that can be reused again and again is the winner.

And if you have to buy paper products, make sure they made from recycled products and put them in the recycling bin when you’re done.

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