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Eco-Ramadan, Disposal of Waste

Disposal of Waste

No matter how conscious we are of our waste, we do create some waste in our lives. Some waste is inevitable while others can be avoided. 


 Reducing even the smallest amount of waste can lead to a big difference in the environment. But what shall we do with our waste? Where it is not possible to reuse material it is important to dispose of waste correctly to reduce the negative impact to the environment.


Fat, Oil and Grease


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During Ramadan Farhana, our Education and Engagement Officer, uses oil to prepare a lot of food such as samosas and lentil fritters. What do you do with your oil after you can not reuse it?


More than 4 out of 10 people have said they pour fat, oil or grease down the sink when they have small amounts. Incorrect disposal of fat, oil and grease can quickly cool and solidify inside sewers. This restricts the amount of sewage that can flow through, resulting in raw sewage overflowing into rivers, the sea and even into homes. 6 out of 10 people feel it is okay to dispose of fat, oil or grease down the sink, and many believe hot water and washing up liquid will help break it down, this is a big misconception!



When there are small amounts of fat, oil or grease, which is more common, it is best to wipe it off with kitchen tissue and then dispose of the tissue in your refuse bin.


When there are large amounts of oil, wait for the oil to cool down and then transfer it into a container or bottle. This can then be disposed of in the refuse bin. Do not place your oil in the recycling bin.






In the ELWA boroughs, Barking and Dagenham, Havering, Newham and Redbridge, specific items can go into your household recycling. These are:


•Plastic Bottles (rinsed) e.g. milk bottles, water bottles, washing up liquid bottles.


•Paper and Thin Card e.g. cereal boxes, packages and newspapers.


•Tins and Cans (rinsed) e.g. soup and drink cans.


What can be recycled


All other waste should go in the refuse bin, always check your council website to see what can be placed in the recycling bin to avoid contamination of the recycling waste.

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