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Eco-Ramadan, Portion Size

Portion Size


It can be very easy to cook too much food leading to food waste. Recommended portion sizes can help reduce your food waste, but it is more important to know what works for you and your family.


Portion sizes differ for different needs, they can be different depending on your health, age, and how active you are.

The Portion Calculator can help you and your family plan out your meals so you can buy and prepare what you need.


Portion Sizes 


Here are some key portion sizes to help you plan your meals to reduce your food waste:


→ Rice75 ml – 100 ml per person (1/2 cup)


→ Pasta75 g – 100 g per person


→ Vegetables/beans/lentils: 80 g per person (3 heaped tablespoons)


 Meat/poultry/fish: 100 per person (roughly the size of your hand)



Portion Size Quiz


Below is a fun short quiz to test your knowledge on some portion sizes:




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