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East London Waste Authority

Electrical equipment and electronics

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Imagine enough electrical waste to fill six Wembley Stadiums – that’s how much we throw away every year in the UK (or 1.2 million tonnes). 

The bad news is most of this is being sent to landfill. But the good news is that many of these items can actually be reused, repaired or recycled.

Old electrics and electronics, even if they are broken, can still be recycled to create new useful products. This is much better than them ending up in the bin or sitting in cupboards when they are no longer needed.

For example, one toaster contains enough steel to make 25 new cans. There are lots more facts and useful information at www.responsible-recycling.co.uk

It might be that it’s just in need of a simple fix. If you don’t know how to do it yourself, try taking it to one of these east London electronic repairers. Or find out where the next Restart Party is in your area. Don’t give up on your stuff, mending can save you lots of money and saves tons of valuable resources.

If your items are no longer useful to you, or you’ve upgraded, your old stuff could be useful for others. Bring your old gadgets to our reuse and recycling centres to be recycled. Here’s what happens next:

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