East London Waste Authority
East London Waste Authority

Furniture reuse

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There are loads of options to allow someone else to carry on using furniture you no longer need.

See our Reuse Online page to find out about ebay, Streetbank, Freecycle and other sites which let you sell or donate your ‘pre loved’ furniture to people who want to carry on using it.

Reuse drop-off points at Reuse & Recycling Centres

Containers are in place at our Reuse and Recycling Centres (RRCs) in East London, which will collect your unwanted reusable bulky items to be restored and redistributed by local charities.

In conjunction with London Re-use Network, Renewi and the East London Waste Authority have installed a reuse container at the RRCs to divert good quality bulky ‘waste’ such as furniture and household bric-a-brac for reuse rather than recycling, or worse – landfill!

The charities collecting from the four local authorities are Homestore, Lighthouse Furniture Project, The Reuse Partnership, TCL and the Forest Recycling Project, who will restore and redistribute the items at a low cost to residents in East London. Read more by visiting the Furniture Reuse Organisations page.

Next time you think about updating your living room or upgrading your kitchen, bring them along to your nearest RRC and look for the reuse container.

The London Community Reuse Network supports local charities which collect furniture which is then offered at a low cost to households in need so they can access furniture, white goods and other household items at affordable prices.

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