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Real Nappy Week 2019

Real nappy week 2019

Here at Recycle for Your Community we’re celebrating all the benefits of Real Nappies
Have you Made The Switch To Reusable? if not, well now’s the time


Be Kind to your Baby’s Skin…
Real Nappy Week 2019Single-use nappies contain chemicals and plastics that may be harmful to your baby’s skin.  Real Nappies are made using natural fabrics which are super soft for your baby.  What’s more, is your little one can really look the part in the new styles available.  Why not check out your local Nappy Library for further advice and guidance on
cloth nappies.


Real Nappy Week 2019                    REDUCE! REUSE!
With 8 million nappies going to Landfill or for incarceration everyday in the UK it’s time to Make the Switch to Reusable.  It’s super easy to use, wash and dry modern cloth nappies and you can do so all in the knowledge you’re reducing your waste and helping the environment. Real nappy use can not only save a tonne of nappy waste but can save you money, up to £1000 in fact. There’s no time like the present.  Give Real Nappies a go!



Ditch the Single-Use!
We’re all making swaps to reducing our single-use plastic consumption, from reusable bags to metal straws you name it Londoners are doing it.  It’s now time for the Single-Use Nappy to go and Real Nappies to become the latest switch.  Issues with plastics in our environment are coming to the forefront of our lives everyday,  creating a
healthy tomorrow for the children of today can happen by making small changes.
Make The Switch To Reusable.  Try cloth nappies this Real Nappy Week!

Real Nappies for London have heaps of information on the use of cloth nappies so why not find out more now
Make The Switch To Reusable

 Havering & Redbridge residents, interested in making the switch? Contact Recyclefyc@keepbritaintidy.org for more information on how to get your free trial kit of Real Nappies


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