East London Waste Authority
East London Waste Authority

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle


Reducing our waste by not producing so much is something each one of us can do.

As consumers we can use our purchasing power and choose products which are produced sustainably, use little or no packaging and are durable. Buying only what we really need also helps to reverse the trend of today’s throw-away society.

How you can reuse

Reuse means passing on your unwanted things to others, or giving them a new lease of life by using them differently.

Reuse is even more environmentally friendly than recycling, and will often have a beneficial effect for the local community.

Your unwanted furniture and bikes can find a fresh new home when you bring them along to your local Reuse and Recycling Centre (RRCs). New containers are in place at our RRCs in East London, which will collect your unwanted reusable bulky items to be restored and redistributed by local charities.

Reusing can save you money, help your community and prevent items ending up in landfill. One person’s trash is someone else’s treasure – so get reusing!

Buying recycled products

Buying products made from recycled materials saves valuable resources, conserves energy, and increases the demand for recycled materials – it’s definitely an environmental winner!

The more products we make from recycled materials in the UK, the better it is for the environment. It cuts down on the amount of goods we import, and reduces our carbon emissions from transporting new goods long distances.

There are so many recycled products to buy today – anything from toilet and kitchen rolls, through to pens and pencils, office paper, kitchenware, clothes, art and furniture.

Visit one of these online stores which specialise in recycled, environmentally friendly and natural products.


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