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East London Waste Authority


Blow up pool toys

Reducing our waste by not producing so much is something each one of us can do. There is a reason that it’s the first in the Three R’s and yet it’s the one that is often overlooked. And it’s as simple as one question – do I really need it?

You can ask yourself that question when it comes to clothes, food, straws, plastic bags, furniture, takeaway coffees, junk mail – anything really. If you don’t need it, consider giving it a miss.

As consumers, we can use our purchasing power and choose products which are produced sustainably, use little or no packaging and are durable. Buying only what we really need can help to reverse the trend of today’s throw-away society, and in doing so will encourage big businesses to rethink what and how they produce.

Find out how to reduce the amount of food waste you produce, and how to cut down and cut out waste from shopping and packaging. Discover how to stop junk mail for good and some shocking facts that will make you give up plastic bags for good.

For some tailored advice on how to reduce your waste during the Christmas period, have a look at our dedicated Greener Christmas page and find out about giving better, re-thinking your Christmas tree and decorations and eating everything this Christmas.

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