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Reuse means passing on your unwanted things to others, or giving them a new lease of life by using them differently. This is often referred to as upcycling.

Reuse is even more environmentally friendly than recycling, and will often have a beneficial effect for the local community. So it’s good for you, your neighbours and the world. Triple win.

Your unwanted furniture and bikes can find a fresh new home when you bring them along to your local Reuse and Recycling Centre (RRC). Containers are in place at our RRCs in East London, which will collect your unwanted reusable bulky items to be carefully restored and redistributed by local charities.

Find out how to donate old clothes, shoes, books and games to charity, swap unwanted items at community recycling events or online and organise a swish or swap shop. Learn how using real nappies can save money and help the environment, and how to make sure your unwanted furniture goes to a good home.

If you’ve got a broken phone, a lazy laptop or a tired toaster, don’t throw it away – try getting it fixed first. Here’s some advice for getting your electronics mended.

Just need something for a short while? Sharing with friends and neighbours is easy (and you can even spend time with a cute dog).

If you’re curious about how to turn your food waste into homegrown carrots, have a look at our advice for home composting.

Reusing can save you money, help your community and prevent items ending up in landfill. Remember, one person’s trash is someone else’s treasure. Even if you don’t want it, someone else might.

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