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Join the REFILLution!

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Today, 19th June is National Refill Day, so the perfect day to pick up a new #GoodGreenHabit and make sure that you #GotTheBottle with you to help prevent plastic pollution. The idea is simple: rather than buying bottled water, you make sure to take your reusable bottle with you and refill. Apart from your very own water source at home (yes, the tap!), your employer is legally required to provide you with free drinking water in the workplace and there are plenty of refill points when out and about, just get the Refill app on your phone and find nearby refill points!


Don’t worry about tap water quality when refilling in London, it is amongst the best in the world in terms of quality! But don’t take our word for it, you can check the quality of your local supply here.

If 1 in 10 Brits would join the refillution and refilled just once a week, we could prevent the use and disposal of around 340 million plastic bottles a year. That’s huge, about 30 blue whales huge! You should know that at the moment in the UK, we use over 7 billion plastic water bottles every year. Not even half of these bottles get recycled and tens of thousands end up being littered every single day!

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So don’t hesitate and make the switch to reusable and refill today and tell the world about it by using #GotTheBottle.

Start here, but by all means don’t stop here! You can contribute to avoiding a lot more packaging waste and plastic pollution. Some of our other ideas for refill #GoodGreenHabits:

Get your morning coffee in a reusable coffee cup and ditch single use cups on-the-go and at work.

Take reusable bags to your local store when grocery shopping, not just for your groceries but also to refill with loose veggies, fruit and other products.

Buy bulk packaging or refill packs and reduce the amount of waste per portion. Use empty bottles, jars, biscuit tins… to store in your kitchen cupboards.

Get your empty printer ink cartridges refilled or do it yourself!Find more tips on how to reduce your packaging waste on our dedicated page on packaging.


Viva la REFILLution!

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