East London Waste Authority
East London Waste Authority

Reuse online


The internet has done wonders for reuse – eBay, Gumtree and Freecycle have created fast, easy markets for a new generation of reusers. And new, local sites are popping up all the time, like Streetbank. Not only can you offer up your unwanted items for free, you can also offer items to lend to your neighbours e.g. a power drill, that stepladder in the garage or the blender in the back of the cupboard. Find out more about sharing and lending in your local area here.

You can give away almost anything you like online – clothes, furniture, books, toys and tools, all for free, all across the UK.

If you’d rather swap instead of give away, check out ReadItSwapIt, a site for swapping books you’ve read for those you haven’t.

When it comes to clothes, you’ve got even more options. For pure swapping (and no money) try Vinted. If you want to combine a bit of swapping with a bit of income, check out Swishing.co.uk. And if you want to know more about swishing in person, have a little look here.

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