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Reuse and Recycling Centre Bookings – Vans and trailers

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Bookings are required for vans and any vehicles towing trailers from August 14th 2023.  Please see below for more information. You can make your booking here.


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Anyone using a van or a vehicle towing a trailer to deposit waste and recycling at the East London Waste Authority (ELWA) Reuse and Recycling Centres (RRCs) is required to make a booking in advance. This easy to use system is aimed at relieving traffic congestion at busy times and improving recycling performance.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I make a booking?

Please click the link above to make your booking.

You will need to provide the following information:

If you are hiring a vehicle, please select that option when booking and remember to bring your hire documents with you to the RRC. You will not need to provide a vehicle registration number.

On arriving at the site you will need to enter via the weighbridge gate and will be asked to provide identification as proof of address (matching the details provided when booking) in the form of either a current Council Tax bill or driving licence. Your Council Tax bill can be shown on your phone or other device, but it should be via a link to the actual document rather than a picture of it.

Do I need to make a booking if I’m coming to the RRC in a car?

Bookings are required for vans, any vehicle towing a trailer and any vehicle permanently modified to allow it to carry additional volume – for example where seats have been removed. If you are unsure if your vehicle requires a booking, please contact us at enquires@eastlondonwaste.gov.uk.

Bookings are not required for cars. You will however need to seek authorisation from your local council (London Borough of Barking & Dagenham, Havering, Newham or Redbridge) if bringing DIY/restricted waste in a car. For more information, please click here.

Please keep an eye on these pages as there may be a requirement for cars bringing in DIY/restricted waste to make a booking in the future.

Are there any restrictions on the type of vehicle I can bring to the RRC?

No Luton Vans, flat bed vehicles, vans with tail lifts or tippers of any size are permitted to access any site. If you are unsure if your vehicle can be used at the RRCs, please contact us at enquires@eastlondonwaste.gov.uk.

Can I bring Commercial Waste to the RRC?

All Commercial Waste requires a booking in advance and is subject to Commercial Waste charges.

How long in advance can I make a booking?

Booking slots are available up to 3 months in advance.

What if I need to cancel or reschedule?

You will receive a confirmation email after making your booking and a reminder email before your visit. The emails will provide you with a link to cancel the booking or reschedule if necessary. Please remember to cancel your booking if you no longer need it as this will free up a slot for somebody else. We recommend that you keep your confirmation emails as a record of your previous visits.

Are there restrictions on the number of times I can visit?

You can make up to 12 bookings over the course of 12 months and up to 2 bookings in any 1 month.

Of your 12 bookings, 2 can be used to bring in DIY/restricted waste. More information about this type of waste can be found here. If you do note declare that you will be bringing this type of waste when making your booking, you may not be permitted access to the RRC.

Why did you introduce the booking system?

The system is being introduced to reduce the amount of undeclared commercial waste being tipped at the RRCs which is a cost to the taxpayer. It will also even out traffic across the day and reduce queuing at busy times.

It is hoped that by reducing the amount of undeclared commercial waste entering the sites, which is often unsorted and difficult to recycle, that overall recycling performance will improve.

Who made the decision to introduce the booking system?

ELWA made the decision to introduce a booking system at its meeting of 10th February 2023 (Agenda item 09).

For more information, please see ELWA’s Reuse and Recycling Centre Usage Policy.

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