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Save your Pumpkin!

save your pumpkin!

Looking for a scare this Halloween? Here goes: A terrifying 12.8 million pumpkins are expected to be left uneaten this Halloween, in the UK alone!  

After carving, many-a-pumpkin’s guts are simply thrown awayTheir purpose as the infamous jack o’ lantern overshadows their true purpose – dinner! Luckily people have started banding together to put a stop to the sad ending for pumpkins and the spooky story of the uneaten pumpkins has travelled far and wide, leading to lots of eerie-sistable pumpkin recipes and dishes coming to life to save them from the bin.  

In 2014 two thirds of people didn’t eat their pumpkin. Now it seems that the nation has upped their pumpkin eating efforts. But 3 in 5 people* (59%) still don’t know that carving pumpkins from the supermarket are totally edible! And delicious. 

The flesh and seeds of a pumpkin can be eaten… so check out these fab recipes to see how they can be used!

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