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Sustainable Picnics 2020

Sustainable Picnics

With the sun gracing us with its appearance and National Picnic Week here, lets keep our picnics sustainable, whilst also having some social distancing fun!


Picnics have a potential to generate a lot of waste, from the disposable cutlery to sandwich wraps and leftovers, picnics can be a real headache. But how can we make our picnics more sustainable?

Here are some simple changes and actions we can make for a sustainable picnic this summer:


‘Before anything else, preparation is the key to success’ – and yes this applies to your picnics too!


Most food packaging cannot be recycled, so to avoid this waste try to make some homemade snacks instead of buying them individually wrapped.

Have any leftovers at home? Picnics are a great way to use these up, make some sandwiches with your leftovers as a filling, look in the back of your fridge to make sure you are not forgetting any snacks you may already have at home. Why not try a meatless picnic, keeping it light and refreshing whilst also being packed with flavour.


Ditch the extra plastic waste. A great substitute for cling film is beeswax wraps, and they are reusable! Use your empty jars to carry and store food, empty jars are also a great alternative to plastic cups for your drinks, not only will this save on plastic waste but will also give your picnic a more rustic and charming look.


It is about time we completely ditch straws, but if you really need one, use a reusable straw to save on the plastic and paper waste.


Sunshine with a Cool Breeze = Perfect Picnic


Packed too much food? Happens to us all, but do not throw away your food! Make sure to pack containers so you can take all your leftovers home to enjoy later, or even use those empty jars you had already packed as containers.


Sometimes no matter how hard we try waste can be inevitable,  so do not be so hard on yourself. Pack reusable bags with your picnic so that all your waste can be taken home. Something as simple as taking your litter home helps decrease the strain on our waste authorities and also decreases the amount of litter found in our parks.


Finally whether you are having a good old fashioned picnic in your local park or in your garden, make sure you are staying safe and minimising your waste where possible!

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