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East London Waste Authority

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One way to reuse your old stuff is to look out for (or run your own) Swap Shops or Give and Take Days. These events let people find things they need, and get rid of things they don’t.

They are just like a Bring & Buy Sale, but without any money, it’s all free. Just bring along anything you don’t need: old books, clothes, CDs, videos, toys, games, knickknacks etc and pick up something you do need, completely free.

Check your council website and social media for upcoming swapping events. Or organise one in your local school, community or faith centre or even at work. For more information about how to run your own event, click here

Linked to a school and interested in swapping school uniform? Find out more about The School Uniform Bank project here 

Got lots of clothes you want to swap? Organise a Swish.

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