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Woman at a clothes swap

Image: Brendan Foster

If you’ve got clothes you don’t wear anymore, and you know other people in the same boat, swishing is the answer. A swish is basically another word for a clothes swap. You can organise them among your friends, at work or even in your local community.

The premise is simple. You all bring along nice clothes that you don’t want anymore and then you can take home something new-to-you. Everyone wins!

You can only take away as many items as you bought with you and you can only bring along items that are clean and wearable. No holey tops or dirty jumpers. If you’re running a bigger Swish, you can give out tokens to people as they donate. They can use these as ‘money’ for when they take an item they want. Any clothes that get left over at the end get donated to charity.

Add some nibbles and maybe some bubbles and you’ve got yourself a great clothes swapping party!

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